Sex for cash


Sex for cash
I laid there on my stomach as this old man( at least forty, I was only 17 at the time) stroked his rough hands over my butt cheeks. I cringed but tried not to show my disgust, he had laid 75.00 on the dresser for the privileged of having sex with me.

I was young and dumb but wanted to be fucked and needed the money. I wanted to be fucked more, but that’s another story, oh why not tell…

I had been used so many times by Bruce, Charlie and Daniel and others, I had come to want to be used by men sexually. So when this guy rubbed against me in the market, i could not help but bend slightly and rub back against his hard male member.

He was the one that suggested to me what I wanted from him, I mumbled 100.00, he answered, “…I’ll give you 75.00, only if you let me do as I please…” I smiled and nodded my head. He said softly to me “…follow me…” I walked behind him like a lost puppy as we exited the store and headed through the parking lot.

He stopped at an old pick up truck and fumbled with the keys. finally he opened the door and slide in reaching over he unlocked the passenger side and I tried the door. It opened and I slid in. Off we went down the boulevard and towards motel row. He looked at me and waved a key from the motel and said we are already booked in.

we pulled into the parking lot of the motel and went up to the second floor, he opened the door and tossed the key on the table. He turned to me and smiled saying “…here’s what I promised…” and counted out 75.00, and dropped them on the dresser.

He walked over to the sink, washed his hands and started to undo hi belt. He glanced at me in the mirror, smiled and said “…that’s your money, better let it lay there till I finish with you…” I looked at him and started to kick my shoes off. I slipped my jacket off and laid it on the chair. I started to remove my jeans and shirts soon I had nothing on but my socks.

He turned looked at the bed and begin to remove his clothes. I stood and pulled the bed covers off and laid on the bed. I picked up the television remote and turned it on as he came near the bed. A frown crossed his face as he saw the television flicker to life, “…you want have time to watch that…” I smiled and said “…we need the noise…” He looked at me and started to rub my stomach, it was then he said softly “…turn over on your stomach…”

His hands were rough as he pinched and fondled my buttocks, his finger found my neither region and slid effortless into my anal cavity. I let out a slight groan as he tried to push his finger down to the first knuckle. Once his digit had reached that point he hooked his finger and pulled gently at my butt hole as if he wanted to lift me up. As He did so, I pulled my knees under my body cringing in disgust as I looked at his man hood.

He was kneeling by my side stroking his penis as he manipulated my anus, he pushed another finger into my anus and sighed as he stopped stroking his penis and took hold of the back of my head. I looked at him as he said “…suck my dick a little to get it harder…” I frowned and he cautioned “…you ain’t gonna get any more money and might not get that if you start acting foolish…”

I closed my eyes and parted my lips slightly licking them to moisten them for his man hood. His penile head touched my lips and I could feel the stickiness of his pre-cum as he slide his penis over my lips. I held my breath and enveloped his penile glans in my lips and started to suck slowly on his hardening member. He moaned and started to undulate his hips slowly pushing more of his penis into my oral cavity.

It was then he whispered almost silently “…Tight boi/pussy and good head, what else could I ask for…” disgusting as it was I tried to find reason to enjoy what I was doing. He pulled his penis from my lips making a obscene sound as he did so. He moved quickly behind my butt and spit into my butt crack.

Using his stiff penis he spread his saliva over and around my ass hole, His penile head probed my butt hole and I braced for the torture that was sure to come. I tried as hard as I could to relax and accept the invading member. My anal sphincter muscle strained to refused the invader entrance but the slickness of his pre-cum and saliva made that effort meaningless.

I could feel my anal membrane as that huge dick head parted my anal opening and the tip of his penis entered my anal sphincter muscle tube. Slowly he pressed with a steady pressure as his huge dick head made it’s painfully slow access of my butt hole.

with a grunt he finally seated his dick head into my ass/cunt, I could feel my anal muscle slip over his penile ridge and snug tight around the neck of his dick head. He moaned and started to pull back slightly as my anal muscle strained to keep his dick head captured he pushed forward again. A third of his member slipped deeper into my ass/cunt.

Again he did the same thing, and this time half of his dick slid deeper into my behind. I grimaced in pain and gripped the sheets of the bed, once again he pulled back till only his dick head was still lodged deep in my ass/pussy. Once again he lunged forward and I could feel every inch of his elongated penis slide deep into my ass hole till his crotch was nestled against my buttocks.

My anal chute was straining to gripe the invading member and snug it tight as he slid his massive dick back and forth. Alternating between hunching deep into my bowels to undulating his hips in a circular fashion pushing his man hood deep into my boi/cunt. I grimaced and gasped for breath between each thrust and grind as he took great pleasure in tightness of my anal chute.

By now I was prone on my stomach as he grind and hunched into my butt, He slipped his hands under my shoulders and gripped them in his hands and held me tight as he fucked away in my ass/pussy. All I could do was to grunt, groan and moan on pain and pleasure as he had his way.

For nearly twenty minutes he used my butt hole, then he raised up on his hands and pulled his dick all the way out of my ass hole and slowly slid i back into my ass/cunt. This caused great pain in my neither region as he repeated this procedure four or five more times. By now I was grimacing and trying to accommodate his assault on my butt.

He spread my ankles apart with his feet till my little bubble butt was poked up in the air exposed to his brutal actions. Gripping both my buttocks in his huge hands he rode my ass/cunt like a man possessed. This went on as our bodies became covered in sweat, even though the air conditioner was on we both was covered in sweat.

He took my left leg and twisted it so that I was now on my back with my legs in the hollow of his elbows. He pounded his rigid dick into my ass so hard and fast I tried to brace him back only this made him more determine to ram his man hood deep as possible into my unprotected butt.

An hour and half of his steady fucking went by before he grunted and slammed his dick deep into my ass. I could feel his member erupt deep in my bowels, hear the squishing sounds of his substance as t was squeezed out around the tight fit of his dick and my ass muscles.

Whimpering and crying I clutched his broad shoulders as he collapsed on me grunting like a caged pig as he continued to shoot rope after rope of his seed deep in my bowels. I could feel his substance leak out and down my butt crack and pool under neath my butt and lower back.

I thought for a moment that he had relieved his self deep in my butt. I could feel each throb of his massive dick head and each squirt of his spunk as it struck my anal walls. We both was now panting and gasping for air as he laid there heavily on my body expelling his seed deep in my boi/cunt.

After four or five minutes he slowly begin to roll off me and his elongated fuck tool slid slowly out of my well used butt hole.

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