A teenage “Bet.”


A teenage “Bet.”
I think it started out as a joke, at least on my part. My friend Tim and I were playing a game of tennis. Neither one of us were very good or serious about the game, but we were both competitive. Tim suggested a “Bet.” The loser would have to suck the winners cock. We laughed and I said, “Yeah right.” Have joking, I then said, Ok. Time joked that he would lose on purpose now. We both laughed, but there was now a tension in the air. The match went on for about an hour, both of us playing hard but I won. As we walked back to his house, he said, “Let me know when you want to collect on that bet.” I laughed it off, but my mind raced at the thought.

It was several days til I saw my friend again and each night, alone in my bed, I thought about the “Bet.” I was young and horny and the thought of someone sucking or even touching my cock was incredibly exciting. Laying there, alone in the dark, I even admitted to myself that I was curious too. I wanted to suck cock, but would never admit it out loud.

Afew days later, Time and I spent the day at the beach with our girlfriends and even got some beer. By the time it was dark, the girls had to be home so Tim and I went back to his house. Both alittle intoxicated from the beer, we sat on the couch to watch tv, his parents were gone for the night. When he asked, “So you ready to collect.” my heart raced, but I played tried to play it off casually, “on what?” i said back, but my voice sounded uncomfortable and nervous. “You want me to suck you?” Tim wasn’t laughing anymore. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, nervous and excited. “Take it out and I’ll suck it” “Yeah right” I responded, then with a sense of urgency I said ok and quickly pulled down my pants while still sitting on the couch. When he moved to his knees in a half way drunken stumble, time seemed to move in slow motion. I wasn’t breathing and my heart seemed to stop beating. Tim leaned forward and pushed his face into my crotch. His cheeks and mouth rubbing against my instantly swelling cock. I thought he may have just fallen into my drunk, but then he began kissing my dick and the incredible feeling made me melt and my eyes roll back in my head! My cock was rock hard for him and his attention.

What happened next wasn’t at all what I had imagined it would be like when I dreamed of this moment those nights alone in my bed. When Tim put his mouth on me it wasn’t forceful, clumsy or rushed, It was loving, passionate and romantic. Tim was making love to my cock with his mouth. Slowly moving his lips up and down my shaft. licking at the underside of my engorged, throbbing cocks head, running his tongue along the slit at the top. His hands moved up and rubbed the inside of my thighs, softly, slowly and sensually. Almost breathless, I slid myself down the couch alittle and opened my legs slightly to give him full access to me. I think I heard him moan in approval.

Tim moved one hand to the side of my ass and held it there, then moved the other to the underside of my balls, cupping them and pushing them up. He moved his open mouth to them and sucked them lightly like you would a delicious peach. Licking and sucking on my sack, he sighed and moaned softly. My breaching heavy now, I moaned softly In pleasure also. With my eyes closed, I felt his wet mouth move back to my aching hard cock and his lips pass over the tip and down my shaft, then back again. My cock throbbed and I was lost in the pleasure of it.

I sensed Tim moving in front of me and opened my eyes just as he presssed his lips against mine. Shocked and wide eyed, i felt his soft lips plant several more soft small kisses, as if waiting for approval. I kissed him back.

Tim’s wet, wonderful mouth opened slightly and invited my tongue in. I opened my mouth to met his and felt our wet tongues touch. Softly and passionately, we kissed, even more passionate than as if when kissing a girl, even more romantic and even that much better.

Tim then stood before me and undid his pants, pushing down his underwear and letting them fall to the floor. He stood in front of me, his cock rock hard and pointing almost straight up. He then pulled off his shirt, now totally nude, he stood there as if to let my eyes wash over him, and waiting to see if I wanted him as well. His beautiful hard cock looked amazing in the soft light and I moved forward to the edge of the couch, no more than a foot or two from his throbbing dick. Then i moved even closer.

My lips touched his twitching shaft and I felt his gently hands touch on the back of my head. I kissed his shaft, like he had done mine and licked at his tight, almost hairless ball sack. I could smell him now, too, and it was almost even more intoxicating than the alcohol. I wanted him so bad.

I reached up and held his hard cock at the base and pointed it down towards my mouth. I could hear Tim breathing hard and his body quivering. His cock past my lips and seemed to fit perfectly in my mouth. My first cock. I slowly moved my mouth back and forth on him. His taste much different than I would have imagined but quickly delicious and wonderful. I felt Tim’s other hand gently on the back of my head also and my hands seemed to move instinctively to his ass. His smooth, small, firm perfect ass. Without stopped my mouths movement on his dick, my hands explored his backside and cupped his perfect little cheeks. Tim began to move his hips in sweet rhythm with my mouth. I felt his skin and soft pubic hair on my nose and realized i was deep throating my friend without even knowing or trying, so wonderful and natural. Tim quickly sped up his pace and movements and his grip on the back of my head tighten. Within seconds, he let out an “Awwwwww” sound, his body quaking and shaking. I felt and tasted his sperm quickly flood into my mouth! Totally shocked and unprepared, I let his cum and my saliva spill of my mouth and out onto my chest, cock and floor. I didn’t pull away though, I let him continue to fuck my mouth and finish his amazing orgasm.

His pace and breathing slowing. I continued to hold his cock in my mouth and began to experience the flavor and texture of his cum. Swallowing, I felt the thick fluid slid down my throat and into me. My body and mind tingled as if having his semen inside me was some magical romantic potion.

Tim pulled his cock from my mouth and bent down to kiss me. I met his open mouth with mine, like lovers would, romantic and passionate. His tongue danced in my mouth and he tasted his own cum. I pulled gently pulled him down to his knees and his mouth found my aching pre cum covered cock. He moaned softly at the flavor as his. outs engulfed me. I held and stroked the back of his head and quickly filled his wet, wonderful mouth with hot, thick cum. Tim didn’t spill a drop and continued to suck me and swallow spurt after spurt of my exploding jizz.

My body shaking and spent, he placed his head down on my lap as we both caught our breath. We stayed in that position for awhile as my mind raced and his problably did too, at what had just happened. I stroked his hair, hoping to convey that everything was ok. Tim looked up and moved his face up towards mine, but stopped half way. I smiled softly and moved the other half down towards him. We kissed softly.

Tim stood and reached out for my hand, he led me to his bedroom where we spent the night together. Our nude bodies interwhined, our hands exploring each other, our lips meeting in soft embrace.

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