Neighbor catches me plowing his wife


Neighbor catches me plowing his wife
I’ve been in Dallas for almost a month, haven’t made many friends yet and have been pretty lonely. I was walking into my apartment when my neighbor stopped me and said hello.

Her name was Beverly. She’s in her late 40s and said she had lived in the same apartment complex for 5 years and watched many neighbors come and go over the years. When she offered me a beer I figured I would stay a while. She told me that she got lonely and I said I did too. She made a comment about a young stud like me should never be lonely.

For the hour we talked she made no mention of having a husband so when she took me to her bedroom I didn’t think anything of it.

We started slowly kissing and touching each other. I slid off my shoes and climbed on top of her. Kissing turned to making out and I pulled off her shirt and undid her bra. Her tits were free and had the biggest aerolas I’ve ever seen. I was sucking on her nipples and biting them gently when she moaned harder. As she was moaning she was feeling my crotch and rubbing my growing hard on still in my pants.

Finally Beverly told me to get on my back. As I got off her I took off my shirt and she got my nipple, my dick throbbed and got harder. She did it Again and again I got harder. Damn was that hot. As she pulled down my pants and pulled out my cock she said she needed a good fucking. I smirked knowing I needed to fuck badly too. She started sucking my cock and stroking me and I was in heaven. It’s been a good 3 weeks without any female contact. I was going crazy. As she started sucking my balls I was ready to explode. She then went back to my shaft and started sucking again. This time faster and harder. I warned her I was about to cum and she kept going. My load went down her throat she didn’t miss a drop.

She got up and grabbed me another beer, what a woman! And told me I better have more in me for her because she wash done yet. I started to eat her pussy and make her moan as she gushed over and over and begged me for more.
Finally she had enough and was begging to me to fuck her.

I asked if she had a condom and she laughed “I’m sure you need a magnum and I don’t have any of those” She told me to go grab one. I put my boxers back on, ran out of her apartment to mine accross the hall to grab a rubber and came back. I barely had my boxers back off and she was already opening the condom and putting it on me.

She spread her legs for me as I slowly slid into her tight slit she moaned loudly and we started kissing. Slowly I started thrusting deeper into her, faster and faster. She told me I was incredible as I plowed deeper and faster into her pussy. I started kissing her and she said she wanted to ride me.

On my back I went. Her on top. Grabbing and squeezing her nipples as she slid into my dick and started riding me She told me it had been a while since a hung stud had been in her bed and she was glad I moved accross the hall and could be her regular. More kissing and she grabbed my nipples again. I had never been with a woman so into male nipples but I learned mine are definatley a spot for me. I get so turned on when she bit or pinched them. I was about to cum when she got off me and said she wasn’t done.

We kissed more and she rubbed my chest. Casually stroking my cock when she asked what my favorite position was.

“Doggy” I said while still licking her pussy.

She said “let’s do it” and as I got behind her at pulled the condom off of my cock. I looked at her confused and she said “opps” and giggled.

I asked her if I was going bare and she said no and to go grab another condom at my place.

On went my boxers again as I ran accross the hall to my apartment hoping nobody would see me, as I grab the box of magnums this time. I opened my apartment door and go back to her place and of course the guy next door is going into his apartment at the same time I come out of mine to go back accross the hall. He smirked and have me a thumbs up and I ran back to Beverlys apartment.

Back in her bedroom, naked again and condom on again I start to fuck her doggy. I don’t start slow this time I go balls deep. I tell her I’m punishing her pussy for making me run across the hall twice, in november,in my boxers for a fuckin condom.

I’m plowing her hard when I close my eyes and hear her say “hi honey, I met our new neighbor” I look up to see the typical Texas man standing in front of me, 6’5 heavier set, cowboy hat, boots, giant belt buckle and an even bigger gun.

All I can think of is that I’m a dead man. My dicks still inside his wife when she grabs my hand and asks why I stopped pounding her. She then looks at her husband and said “I told you I could get me a young stud, I win”

Her husband looks at me I still think I’m gonna get shot, and he tells me to finish her off. He unzips his jeans and pulls out his cock and starts face fucking his wife

I start fucking her again. Still trying to figure this situation out. I hear him say “be a man and fuck her. Harder. Pound her fucking pussy like a man. Don’t be a timid boy”.

This guy was giving me permission to pound his wife. That was all I needed and I started plowing her. I had no mercy this time. This crazy bitch had put me through the ringer for her pussy now, and I was going to destroy it. I ducked her hard rough and with no care in the world. As I got close to coming I heard him say to make sure I gave his wife a facial

I pulled out, peeled off the condom and started to jerk my cock over this bitch’s forehead, Inches from her husband.

He pulled his cock from her mouth and started jerking too, and we both came on his wife’s face.

He grabbed my cock and looked at his wife and said damn honey you sure did find a young guy with a big cock. I get he did some dammage.

I had no idea what the fuck just happend or why this guy was still touching my cock. I stood there wondering what the fuck was going on when he finally let go and said I must have a good 3-4 inches in him and a ton more girth.

He shakes my hand and says he hopes I enjoyed his wife.
I said I did and started to get dressed. He stopped me and said if I and another round in me it was my turn to get a bj while he fucked her.

We did just that. I shot my load down her throat and he creampied her. When all was said and done he walked me to the door, invited me to watch the cowboys next game with him and gave me his business card

Not a bad night.

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